FishBowl bug bounty


In times of large-scale cyber attacks and cloud-first applications you need something to protect your data from evil forces. To better understand past and ongoing attacks, WebTrawl provides you with highly sophisticated filters, over the top performance and best security.

The facts
  • fingerprint Identify malicious actors and effectively block the threat
  • extension WebTrawl is easily extendable to accomodate for new threats.
  • timer WebTrawl is optimized for speed, minimizing delays between receiving and processing requests.
  • storage Our high performance cache engine (Magikarp) guarantees lightning fast responses for frequently requested resources.
  • tune WebTrawl gives you fine-grained control over what to filter.
  • code You will be given a download link for WebTrawl.
  • done You may reverse the program given to you to identify issues.
  • pan_tool Do not perform any denial of service attacks or attack different ports.
compared to other non-existing, fictional and completely made up WAFs